Beauty is as Beauty does
How I got into the Healthy Beauty Business.

by Daryl Rapoza

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As a child, I discovered the arts and my innate talent for them. I enjoyed many artistic realms, hair sculpturing and clothing design in particular. When it came time to decide what I wanted to do in life, I was drawn to the study of nutrition. In retrospect, I realize that I was hoping that this knowledge would help solve some of my own health problems. In addition to the usual childhood illnesses while growing up, I was plagued by frequent maladies caused by a weak immune system.

One of my most interesting courses was Body Chemistry Balancing, a method of creating and maintaining wellness through an individually tailored diet. Simultaneously, at 35, I went to a beauty college so that I could earn enough for living expenses. Although this was not part of the original plan, my training in the beauty business developed into a very successful career in "coiffure-ing."

Unfortunately, after 18 years of exposure to various types of fragrances and toxic substances, I developed an intense sensitivity to many hair and beauty products.

Also, the company from which I purchased hair products for myself and for my clients was sold to a manufacturer with very different ideas about the beauty business. The original formulas were changed and prices were inflated. I knew then that if I were to continue in this field, I would have to develop my own products.

I was grateful for my chemistry background and my understanding of the various nutrients which were very useful in this process. At the time, the only health-conscious products available tended to be drying. My dream was to create a line of personal care products that would be both nurturing and effective. I was also fortunate in that I could draw a large audience from my staff and my own extensive client list. This made it possible for me to test market my formulations and work out any bugs there might be before production.

My ultimate fantasy was to create a product for the nineties woman. It would have to be natural, nurturing and effective in addition to being classic and stylish. I chose a logo depicting the Goddess of Knowledge and Wisdom of the Arts and Beauty. She was a myth-Logolike Goddess of the knowledge of beauty named Minerva. Using all of Minerva's infinite wisdom, she created BodyWealth to restore health and radiant youth to hair and skin. Minerva was very wise in her choice of ingredients. She used only those that are healing.

My intention was to convey that a great deal of wisdom and forethought had been employed in the manufacture of these products. This image would also allude to the beauty of the fragrance and the purity of the product.

My BODYWEALTH line is comprised of products using essential oils - the "blood" of herbs and flowers, the very soul and spirit of the plant. The BODYWEALTH hair care system uses non-toxic ingredients, noartificial fragrances and no animal byproducts. The special formulations actually improve the condition of the hair, reconditioning it by combining strength, hydration and lasting radiance.


This article from
Ms Fitness Magazine
January 1998 on page 90 and 91

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