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Chamomile Shampoo – Luxurious Cleansing
Gentle, moisturizing cleansing for coloured treated hair. Test studies reveal that this product strengthens the hair’s internal structure. Continuous use transforms the quality of the hair.Available in 32 & 16oz. sizes.

Received ALLURE Magazine Editor’s choice award

NEW Chamomile Shampoo – Luxurious Shampoo
Available now free of surfectants. Gentle, moisturizing cleansing for coloured treated hair. Test studies reveal that this product strengthens the hair’s internal structure. Continuous use transforms the quality of the hair.Available in 32 & 16oz. sizes.

Papaya Enzyme – Deep Cleansing
Hair wash for the removal of surface debris on the hair that accumulates with the use of heavy styling products and hair sprays. Papain (papaya enzyme) and Bromelain (pineapple enzyme) remove this debris from the hair and scalp without the use of drying chemicals. A must once a week for all hair types. Excellent for removing chlorine and mineral deposits left of the hair

BioClean – Colour Protection
Cleansing while repairing and stimulating new cell growth, BioClean also protects colour treated hair from the environment. Continuous use progressively strengthens hair structure which maintains a longer lasting style.

Aloe Clean – Aloe Vera Cleanser
Body building formula that supports fine, limp hair. Concentrated with healing herbs to normalize hair and scalp conditions, strengthen, and revitalize the hair with every use. Safe for coloured treated hair.


All of our conditioners change, but do not cover up with waxy substances

BodyBody – Volumizing Conditioner
This smooth conditioning treatment is perfect for fine, lightweight hair that requires nurturing and manageability. This silky formula is light enough to provide the hair with fullness and “volume memory” and potent enough to hold and sustain your style.

Whole Wheat Finishing Formula – Daily Protein Treatment
Excellent detangler, glass-like shine, creates luxurious looking and feeling hair. Protects your hair from sun and heat from blow styling.

Balance – For Colour Support
Balance adjusts the hair’s pH and moisture content to eliminate static electricity and protect colour treated hair
from fading. This herb and vitamin (vitamin B5 and vitamin E) combination heal and strengthen the hair with every use.

Vitahair – Vitamin Hair Treatment
Vitahair changes your texture from weak, dry, limp, and frizzy, to smooth, shinny, and fuller hair with flowing movement. Nature’s miracles; spirulina, aloe vera, vitamins, and amino acids in Vitahair protect and restructure the hair without weighing it down.

Protector – Instant Repair Leave In Spray
Only tiny molecules of plant extracts are capable of penetrating and restructuring the cuticle layer of the hair. Spirulina, and Aloe Vera eliminate split ends and frizz completely while strengthening to add body and hold to your style.
UVB, UVA protection



Frappe’ – Styling Mousse
Alcohol free styling mousse. Sense tropical island breezes with Aloe, Mango, Passion Fruit, Awapuhi, and Kiwi extracts, these extracts provide tremendous volume and hold. PH balanced.

Perfect Finish – Definer
Light holding pomade for extreme shine and definition on straight or curly hair. Adds texture to limp, fine hair and control to frizzy, curly hair.

Pro Vitamin B5 – Shaping Spray
Longer lasting holding mist is infused with vegetable based moisturizers to create a dry to the touch, flexible hold. Contains Panthenol (B5) for shine.
UVB, UVA protection.

Freeze Dry – Finishing Spray
Lacquer free hairspray that is strong and yet pliable enough to comb through. Never builds up, flakes, or leaves a tacky residue film due to the superior grade holding resins. Contains Panthenol (B5) for shine.
UVB, UVA protection.

Fleche’– Skin Polish
Exfoliating all-over body treatment for the repair of dry, weathered skin. Enzymes, Papin and Bromelain gently
remove dead cells while adding a moisturizing glow to the skin’s surface.
SPF 15


Straighten Out – Blow Drying Miracle
This innovative solution will not only save your hair, but your arms as well, leaving the hair in improved condition, pin straight, luminous, all in lightening time. Excellent to define very curly hair for air drying. Made from extracted seed oils.

Let it Shine
Shines and revitalizes tired, dull, dry, frizzy hair. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Sage, Chamomile, Angelica, Rosemary, vitamins C, E, and A control unwanted hair textures and add definition to your style.
UVB and UVA protection.

Radiant Mist – Shine finish
Create thousands of natural highlights in your hair while protecting it from colour fading and environmental damage. The Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract and Vitamin E add moisture and internal strengthening to the hair.

Ozone Gele’ – Body and Hold
Alcohol free gel for root lift, style memory, shine, and amping up curly hair for beautiful, flexible curls. Made from nine of nature’s botanicals, Aloe Barbadenis, and wheat protein.

Fullish – Hair treatment
A revolutionary concept, Fullish increases the diameter for each hair resulting in stronger, fuller hair. Each hair is protected against damage and fragility. Available in 9.25 ounces. $16.00.

Mir10 – Frizz Tamer
Dries curly hair quickly and easily, holds hair straight in humidity, and tames frizz on curly hair. This five in one miracle holds, conditions, shines, protects, and detangles all in one!

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