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Item Number: 130-301

Nondrying, alcohol free, tropical fruit extract mousse provides tremendous volume and lasting hold....

Our Price: $20.00

Freeze Dry, 8oz
Item Number: 100-402

Is an outstanding workable spray in a non-aerosol pump. A special blend of resins imparts all-day hold with a more flexible feel. Brushes out easily to eliminate breakage. Fast drying for superb hair sculpting and styling versatility with unmatched s...

Our Price: $16.00

Perfect Finish, 3oz
Item Number: 130-302

Extreme shine gel for defining and texturing straight hair. On curly hair Perfect Finish eliminates all frizz and controls the most uncontrollable curl....

Our Price: $16.00

Pro Vitamin B5 Shaping Spray, 10oz
Item Number: 130-400

Spray and Play...

Our Price: $20.00